Certify your apertures and frames to provide assurance to stakeholders and end-users alike. Whether you're in the business of fire doors, sourcing them from certified manufacturers, managing certified blank materials, or engaged in door modifications or frame manufacturing, our experts are here to assist you.


What is the CAF Certifire Aperture and frame Certification Scheme? 

The CAF Certifire aperture and frame Certification scheme is an independent third-party fire certification service tailored for timber-based fire doors, door assemblies, and door sets. 
In an industry where reliability and traceability are of utmost importance, ensuring the quality of fire doors is a significant concern. The CAF Certifire Scheme addresses this by conducting evaluations of apertures and frames. By achieving this certification, manufacturers can inspire confidence in customers and stakeholders, assuring them of the quality of their fire doors. 

With a commitment to overcoming industry challenges, our certification streamlines compliance processes, ensuring the highest standards of quality and fostering a foundation of trust.

Benefits of CAF Certifire 

The CAF Certifire scheme can benefit a range of professionals seeking assurance in the fire resistance performance levels of their doors, including: 

  • Fire Door Manufacturers: By obtaining certification, you can demonstrate to your clients and stakeholders that your products are rigorously tested and proven to provide superior fire resistance.
  • Door Modification Experts: By adhering to the certification standards, you can optimize the functionality and effectiveness of modified fire doors, ensuring they meet the specific requirements of the particular environment and application.
  •  Architect Specifiers: By choosing fire doors certified under the CAF Certifire scheme, you can demand the highest standards in fire door manufacturing for your projects. This ensures that the fire doors selected not only prioritize quality but also comply with stringent fire safety regulations, contributing to the overall safety and integrity of the building design.


Achieving CAF Certifire Certification with Warringtonfire

Curious about the process of obtaining the CAF Certifire certification with Warringtonfire? We've simplified it for your convenience. 

  • Initial Consultation:  Our process begins with an initial consultation, where we'll delve into your specific needs and requirements. 
  • Assessment: Following the consultation, our expert assessors will evaluate your fire doors, apertures, or frames. Their goal is to ensure that your products comply with the requirements of the Certifire scheme 
  • Certification guidance: Throughout the process, we're here to provide guidance and support with regard to the Certifire CAF Scheme and its associated requirements.
  • Successful Completion: Upon successful completion of the process, you'll be awarded the CAF Certifire certification, demonstrating your dedication to quality in fire door manufacturing.

The CAF certification scheme goes beyond compliance; it signifies trust. By displaying this certification, you communicate your commitment to safety and quality. Customers and stakeholders can rely on products that hold this certification, knowing they've met standards for fire resistance. 

Why Choose Warringtonfire 

Choose Warringtonfire for certifying your Apertures and Frames through the CAF Certifire scheme. We are dedicated to elevating industry standards and guaranteeing quality in fire-resistant products, offering an extensive range of complementary fire certification services. The Certifire brand is globally acknowledged by regulatory authorities as a symbol of fire safety excellence across various passive fire products. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements or to learn more about the CAF Certifire scheme.



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