Smoke leakage testing services

Warringtonfire can offer smoke leakage testing to EN 1634 Part 3, BS 476: Part 31.1 and AS 1530.7.

We have excellent smoke leakage testing facilities and can perform the tests from our UKAS accredited laboratory in High Wycombe, our BELAC accredited laboratory in Gent and our NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne.

Our facilities include a 3m x 3m rig with a partition for supporting the sample, with the controls from the weather rig powering the fans, while pressure transducers and flow meters help to record pressure and leakage rates.

Leakage over the perimeter length of the opening element is used to determine the results. Positive and negative pressures are taken at 10 pascal (Pa), 25 Pa and 50 Pa.

These are smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and elements of building hardware. The test determines the leakage of cold air from one side of a door assembly to the other, controlling the passage of smoke in case of fire.

At our Warringtonfire Melbourne laboratory we are also accredited for a range of European and US air leakage tests.

Smoke leakage testing by itself or as a package

Warringtonfire High Wycombe can offer tri-service smoke leakage testing for fire resistance, acoustic and smoke control testing, saving you time and money.

This package can be offered on one contract, one site, with one project manager and one sample.

You will benefit from reduced costs across the board, enabling overall efficiency in addition to convenient access to our team of engaged experts.

All three tests can be booked individually or as a package deal. The three tests can be performed on the same sample within two days, or multiple samples can be tested over one day.