BC(A)R Ancillary Assigned Certifier services

Warringtonfire’s team of engaged experts can offer a variety of fire engineering services, some of which are global, and some are unique to the country we operate in.

Our Dublin office can offer what local operators need to complete their projects. As part of this we offer BC(A)R Ancillary Assigned Certifier services.

Our BC(A)R Ancillary Assigned Certifier services for Part B and M of the Building Regulations, include addressing design queries and reviewing design details during the construction stage, undertaking on-going site inspections during construction and certification of the works upon completion in accordance with Part B and M.

Why do you need BC(A)R Ancillary Assigned Certifier services?

The Irish Building Control System looks to ensure the safety of all people and is based on the Building Control Acts 1990 – 2014.

From this there is a set of legal requirements, The Building Regulations 1997-2017, formed for the design and construction of new buildings and alterations and change of use of existing buildings.

In 2014, new laws were implemented under The Building Control Amendments Regulation (BCAR). These laws included the use of a ‘Builder’ to carry out work under the regulations and the use of a competent person or ‘Assigned Certifier’ in conjunction with ‘Ancillary Assigned Certifiers’ to inspect the work to ensure compliance, as well as introducing a Certificate of Compliance upon project completion.

Warringtonfire is able to use its expertise and offer the BC(A)R Ancillary Assigned Certifier service.

In this role, we as the Ancillary Assigned Certifier for Parts B and M of the Building Regulations will co-ordinate the design, inspection and certification of the relevant works from design to completion.