Disability Access Certificate Application Services

Warringtonfire’s engaged experts are able to offer a variety of fire engineering services, some of which are global and some are unique to the country we operate in.

Our Dublin office is able to offer what local operators need to complete their projects, as part of this we offer Disability Access Certificate (DAC) application services, from the initial design review to achieve a granted certification, including compilation of the Compliance Report and Disability Access drawings, as well as liaising with Building Control during the review and approvals stage.

What is a Disability Access Certificate?

A DAC is required under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations and its function is to demonstrate compliance with Part M “Access and Use” of the Second Schedule of the Building Regulations.

In general the DAC is required for new buildings and current buildings undergoing certain changes, which require a Fire Safety Certificate.

Warringtonfire can provide a full service offering for the DAC application (which is similar to the services we offer for fire safety), including guidance through the approvals process in respect of disability access; from initial design review to compilation/submission of the DACs (where required), liaising with the local approving authorities in respect of this application to gain approval.

Additionally, we also certify completed works in accordance with Part M (Access and Use) of the Building Regulations as required by the amended Building Control Regulations.