Fire safety certificate application services

Warringtonfire’s fire engineering experts are able to offer a variety of fire engineering services, some of which are global and some are unique to the country we operate in.

Our Dublin office is able to offer what local operators need to complete their projects, as part of this we offer fire safety certificate application services.

A fire safety certificate is the certification that the fire safety design plans for your project adhere to the fire safety part of the building regulations.

A fire safety certificate is a legal requirement and needs to be sought before any building work commences, your application will be assessed and it will be determined if your building will comply with Part B of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations 1997.

Warringtonfire’s fire safety certificate application services range from initial design review to achieving a granted fire safety certificate, this includes compilation of the Compliance Report and Fire Safety drawings and liaising with the Fire Department during the review and approvals stage.

The fire safety certificate application process

The fire safety certificate application is usually made by a third party who has intimate knowledge of the Building Regulations and the application procedure.

This is because the application needs to be completely comprehensive so the person applying has to have a good knowledge of construction and fire safety design.

Warringtonfire’s engaged experts are registered professionals and have a wealth of experience to assist you in this process.