Third Party QA Services


Our Dubai DIP-2 Laboratory is able to offer third-party QA services. A third-party QA agency is supposed to be a second set of eyes to verify a high quality product, process or service provided. The goal of a QA agency should be to give meaningful counsel with respect to a process and to help the manufacturer ensure their products, process or service meets the expectations.

When a façade manufacturer offer innovative solutions to the builders and contractors, a professional building inspector needs to verify the code compliance of his product in line with ISO/IEC 17020 third party QA inspection procedures.

A third party QA agency expressly disclaims liability as a guarantor of the quality of any product and services or as an insurer against loss or damage thereto, and disclaims all liability in any such capacity, however, Al-Futtaim Element provides PI cover for the reviews and opinions, which excludes any form of design liability.

The reviews and inspections are performed against a set of documents (project specification, design drawings, design calculations, approved materials, local codes etc.) created and approved by others, thereby the scope is limited to peer review. An inspector generally checks randomly for conformity with the manufacturer’s/ project’s specifications. Checking all parts of the building façade would often be long and expensive, so most of
inspections are carried out on a random basis at set frequencies. The frequencies are set based on the installation progress at project site.

What Third Party QA Services do we offer?

Your building facade is the face and thus an important part of your building and has a major impact on the energy costs on the top of standard expected performance levels. We advise you to decide upon a suitable façade, which can meet the specified performances, and it is very important to research various technical and cost-effective solutions.

After having decided, the implementation of the design is important, making sure it meets the specifications as much as possible. We offer the review of the designs, calculations, drawings, material, technical documents to verify the compliance with respect to relevant local and international codes and project requirements.

Renovation work on the façade is often a good time to address energy efficiency and sustainability, here we assist you in finding optimal solutions.

A defect in a building envelope may be caused by a design flaw or due to incorrect execution or overdue maintenance works. In addition to the fact that you want the defect to be remedied as quickly as possible, it is important to understand why the defect occurred, so you can deal with the issue in the most suitable way, both technically and financially. We can support you in this process utilizing vast experience of our team by offering condition survey/ failure investigation of the installed façade.

Our façade engineering teams also cover the following areas:

  • Specification review
  • Tender review (technical)
  • Independent advice on systems & suppliers
  • System design review
  • Structural design review
  • U value calculation reviews
  • System drawing review
  • Technical document review
  • Material review
  • Factory inspections
  • Testing/ Test witnessing
  • Site inspections
  • Failure investigation
  • Condition survey

We assist Developers, Architects and Contractors and drive efficiency gains by advising most suitable technology.